Thursday, October 13, 2011

La Raza Dominicana

Many children in schools here this week celebrated "la raza" or the roots of their ancestors. The kids could go dressed up as indians, tainos (the first indians here), campesinos (people from the country), and others. I opted for the kids to go as people from the countryside since I wouldn't have to buy anything. Adeline came home saying there were LOTS of indians and there were two girls in particular who were showing their bellies. She told me she wouldn't like to show lots of her belly, but she did like the indian oufit that showed a little bit. Even my 5 year old likes to ride that fine line....

Can you believe that if you fix this for dinner there aren't any fights about eating and that the rest of the evening is very blissful with brother/sister play time? Sweet Adeline was so excited about dinner that all she wanted was to do it again so that her daddy could be there to eat it too! (note: for those that don't know, Scotty sleeps at the mine site on Monday and Thursday nights)

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Grandmommie and G-dad said...

Sweet Adeline wanting Daddy to experience a fun and delicious supper! Way to go Mom!